Purchase Tutorial

If You Don't Know How to Use Bitcoin For Buy Your Desired Book Please Read This Step by Step Purchase Tutorial.

If you have Bitcoin and Wallet You can Simply Follow this Steps :


First, you must click on Purchase button in product page:

Purchase Tutorial

Then you must Enter to your account. if you don't have, then Register to our website.

Purchase Tutorial

After all you'r gonna face this page. you must scan the QR Code with your Wallet and Complete your Purchase.

Purchase Tutorial

Congratulation Your Purchase is Complete.

Now You Can Download Your Book

For Those Who Don't Have Any Bitcoin & Wonder How To Purchase From Our Website Here's The Guide For Creating A Bitcoin Wallet & Buy Bitcoin

First you must go to bitcoin.com website and download The Bitcoin.com Wallet for your platform (Desktop, Mobile or Tablet)


Then you must enter to your Wallet and click on Buy Bitcoin button


After that you see this page. first you must choose the type of bitcoin which is bitcoin core or BTC. then you must choose the currency that you going to buy Bitcoin with it.

Purchase Tutorial

Now you must enter your desired amount in the field and then click on Buy button


In the next page you need to Sign in or Register to your Wallet

Purchase Tutorial

If you Register for Wallet you need to enter all the information. then get the confirmation code that send to your Phone Number or Email. press the Proceed button to go next step


Finally it's time to enter your Credit Card & Other information.press the Proceed button for complete the payment.

Purchase Tutorial

Now That You Have Bitcoin You Can Purchase Your Desired Book From Our Website

*Note that you can Buy Bitcoin In Many Other Ways, Here's Some Tip:

Purchase Tutorial