Understanding Human Psychology

Understanding Human Psychology: Guide to Mastering the Art of Mind Control, Mentalism and Hypnosis

This book has detailed information that will help you to understand human psychology and how to use that knowledge to influence and control people using different techniques.

“If you can perceive it, you can achieve it’, ‘it’s all in your head’, ‘change the way you think and you can change the world’…. these are common sayings by business moguls, motivational speakers, councilors, doctors, teachers and every other person out there. If you dislike something, you will often be advised to change your attitude i.e. ‘change your thoughts; make them positive’ or something close to that.

We were all born with our minds as clean slates. The far we have come, who we are and what we know and feel today is as a result of what we chose to let into our minds but where do thoughts come from? Well, for starters, there are those who confuse thoughts with feelings and think that they come from the heart. Thoughts originate from our brains, the mind. You think about what you eat, wear, read watch, love, and hate and so on. You just don’t feel things; things don’t just happen because of what we feel. In other words, everything that happens in our world today is a creation of our thoughts.

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