Transitioning Medical Care

Transitioning Medical Care: Through Adolescence to Adulthood

This book is written by a group who attended a meeting focused on transition in Toronto in 2011, many of the attendees and contributors are urologists. Thus, many of the examples discussed are based on urological diseases or patients. The very nature of this work involves topics which become increasingly relevant as a young person evolves from childhood into adulthood, including sexuality and fertility. The authors and editors all hope that you have picked up this book because you are interested in this critical developmental stage involving transition to adulthood. The message must not be that success with this complex process can be achieved by a lone clinician. Particularly at this time of complex developmental, psychological, endocrinologic, and physical change, a multidisciplinary team is necessary to meet the medical needs of the whole patient.

In short, the focus of this book is to help the reader understand what is necessary medically and developmentally for young people affected with congenital conditions to be successful as they migrate from a paediatric to an adult healthcare environment. More importantly we aim to help young adults come to terms with a developing role in their own health, diagnosis and ongoing care.

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