The Vintage Fashion Illustration Manual

The Vintage Fashion Illustration Manual

Many young people, who have a desire to draw, are much interested in fashion drawing and wish to take up the subject without any preparatory instruction in art. They thus bring to the study practically no knowledge of fashions and very little knowledge of drawing. Successful instruction for such classes must necessarily follow a very definite and carefully worked-out plan. The first steps must be very simple, and the succeeding steps must follow in a carefully selected order and in easy stages, with numerous illustrations and ample opportunity for drill on fundamentals.

The author of this manual has had much experience in teaching pupils of the limited preparation suggested, in connection with her classes in fashion drawing at the Young Women’s Christian Association and the Albert Business College, Newark, N. J. The text sets forth in detail the course of instruction which has been followed with these classes and which has been found to give the quickest and best results. Fundamental principles are carefully explained, but the author’s aim has been not so much to offer a discussion of methods in fashion drawing as to provide the means for practice in applying these methods. The pupil will learn best by carefully following directions and by constant practice. The manual is to be used as a guide.

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