The Core Elements of Value in Healthcare

The Core Elements of Value in Healthcare 1st Edition

The Core Elements of Value in Healthcare emerged from the healthcare landscape of the early part of the second decade of this century. By that point, it had become apparent that healthcare—in the manner it was currently being delivered, financed, and experienced—was on a pathway to unsustainability. Given the importance of healthcare as a critical social good, leaders agreed that it could not be allowed such a fate. Soon, debate about waste in the system intensified, and the idea emerged that more could be achieved with less and with better results. The delivery of value in healthcare took center stage.

The concept of value in healthcare was not a novel idea, but the intersection of political, financial, social, and industry interest that arose in the concept was somewhat unique. As a result of a significant effort that continues to this day, legislative and market forces have begun increasing the amount of value being delivered in healthcare. This book attempts to encapsulate many of these forces. However, the book should not be construed to suggest that all efforts have been successful. Challenges exist, efforts have foundered, and the path forward is still not clear or well worn. Nonetheless, initial efforts, results, and societal expectations have demonstrated significant support for value in healthcare. As the book will show, a variety of tactics and strategies have been effective.

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