Statistics: 1001 Practice Problems For Dummies

Statistics: 1001 Practice Problems For Dummies 1st Edition

This book contains 1,001 statistics problems divided into 17 chapters, organized by the major statistical topics in a first-semester introductory course. The problems basically take on three levels:

✓ Statistical literacy: Understanding the basic concepts of the topic, including terms and notation

✓ Reasoning: Applying the ideas within a context

✓ Thinking: Putting ideas and concepts together to solve more difficult problems

In addition to providing plenty of problems to work on in each chapter, this book also provides worked-out solutions with detailed explanations, so you aren’t left high and dry if you get a wrong answer. So you can rest assured that when you work for 30 minutes on a problem, get an answer of 1.25, and go to the back of the book to see that the correct answer is actually 1,218.31, you’ll find a detailed explanation to help you figure out what went wrong with your calculations.

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