Practical Guide for Clinical Neurophysiologic Testing: EEG

Practical Guide for Clinical Neurophysiologic Testing: EEG

When we wrote Practical Guide for Clinical Neurophysiologic Testing: EEG (referred to as “Practical Guide: EEG” in this text book), our intention was to write a comprehensive, basic text book for the END technologist as well as the neurology resident. It soon became obvious that such a text would be too cumbersome. It also seemed logical to us that the basics of EEG knowledge serve as the basis for knowledge in the other disciplines; therefore, we felt that the initial text should be EEG.

That, of course, left us with a second textbook that we now present, Practical Guide for Clinical Neurophysiologic Testing: EP, LTM, IOM, PSG, and NCS. With so many subspecialties represented in this text, it served the reader best to offer the writing of chapters to those who have proven expertise in each area. The University of Iowa’s Department of Neurology is blessed to have such experts either currently or recently in their employ. We have drawn from the best to present this textbook as the remainder of our quest for a comprehensive, basic END reference. That being said, we give our sincere thanks to the chapter authors. Without them, we would not be able to offer
this text. We are also indebted to Deb Stratton, as always, for her administrative skills.

This book offers the basic knowledge and technique for the END technologist and, at the same time, challenging chapters that will help the neurology resident gain insight into the patient’s condition. It is not intended to be a comprehensive review of each specialty. We have included an on-line question bank, which is intended to serve as a guide to the reader’s basic understanding of the chapter rather than as a preparation for certification/registration examinations. We hope that it will become a valuable resource for every comprehensive END laboratory.

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