Physics of Thermal Therapy 1st Edition

Physics of Thermal Therapy: Fundamentals and Clinical Applications (Imaging in Medical Diagnosis and Therapy) 1st Edition

The book is divided into three parts. Part I covers the fundamental physics of thermal therapy. Since thermal therapies imply a source of energy and the means for the controlled delivery of energy, Part I includes chapters on bio-heat transfer, thermal dose, thermometry, electromagnetic and acoustic energy sources, and numerical modeling. This part of the book, although not exhaustive, can be thought of as an essential requirement for any person seriously seeking to learn thermal therapy physics.

Part II offers an overview of clinical systems (or those expected to be clinical in the near future) covering internally and externally applied electromagnetic and acoustic energy sources. Despite the large number of devices and techniques presented, these must be regarded as a sample of the current clinical state of the art. A future book on the same topic may have a similar Part I while the contents of Part II would be significantly different, as clinical technology experiences advances based on clinical practice and new needs.

The last section of the book, Part III, is composed of chapters describing the physical aspects of an emerging thermal therapy technology. The spectrum is wide, from new concepts relatively far from clinical application, such as thermochemical ablation, through technologies at various stages in the translational continuum, such as nanoparticle-based heating and heat-augmented liposomal drug delivery, to high-intensity-focused ultrasound interventions that are presently being investigated clinically. Imaging plays a crucial role in thermal therapy, and many of the newer approaches are completely dependent on image guidance during treatment administration. Therefore, Part III also covers both conventional as well as emerging imaging technologies and tools for imageguided therapies.

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