Parasites and Pets

Parasites and Pets: A Veterinary Nursing Guide

This parasitology book is first and foremost designed for the veterinary nurse – the profession’s most valuable asset. Dogs and cats frequently encounter a diverse variety of internal and external parasites; some cause mild symptoms in the pet, others are life threatening, and in some cases human health may be at risk too. Some parasites are very common indeed, such as the roundworm Toxocara canis, and fortunately can be easily and effectively controlled; others, such as certain tick-borne pathogens, may occur sporadically, for example during pet travel, and being perhaps unfamiliar, present a real diagnostic and management challenge for the nurse and practitioner. Nurses are at the very front of the clients’ questions and are asked an astonishing amount about infections and parasites, a familiar enquiry being, ‘Can I catch this from my dog?’ With the nurse in mind, there has long been a need for a reference book that answers such questions posed in this format and which describes common parasites of cats and dogs, the diseases they cause, treatment options and prophylactic measures.

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