Nutrient Delivery 1st Edition

Nutrient Delivery (Nanotechnology in the Agri-Food Industry) 1st Edition

In a permanently changing society, health and well being remain the key drivers for the food industry. Despite the technological progress made in the agri-food industry, a true food crisis emerges in several areas of the globe. This can be explained by insufficient food but mostly by inadequate food for a very distinct range of consumers. In this context, innovative technologies represent the core throughout the whole food chain from raw materials/ ingredient sourcing, food processing, quality control of finished products, and packaging. Nanotechnology, coupled with novel interdisciplinary approaches and processing methods, has enabled some important advances recently flourishing in many of these areas. The science of nanosized materials can improve and even resolve the huge challenges faced by the food and bioprocessing industries for developing and implementing systems that can produce qualitative and quantitative foods that are safe, sustainable, environment friendly, and efficient. This emerging tool finds its applications in various fields and represents an endless approach for the development of innovative strategies in food development, processing, and packaging.

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