Minecraft For Dummies

Minecraft For Dummies 1st Edition

We wrote this book as a family. Jesse is the dad, and Thomas is Jesse’s 12-year-old son. The icons labeled Joseph’s Corner throughout this book hold input from Jesse’s 10-year-old son, Joseph. Even Jesse’s 6-year-old son, JJ, contributed some of the images in the book. It was a family project, and our hope is that other families can benefit from this book, just as we have.

Parents, you might want to start in Chapter 17. Jesse wrote that chapter as a guide to show parents how to get started, to address their concerns, and to help them protect their children along the way. Chapter 17 can help you get ready to let your children advance through the game in confidence — or even embark on an adventure yourself, with your kids.

For everyone else, this book is written in a format that lets you pick up the book and start reading anywhere. Pick your favorite topic, read about it, and then take your game to the next level. Or you may want to start from the beginning (it’s a good place to start) and advance to the end.

In a sense, this book operates much like Minecraft does: After you have the basic ingredients, you can take your game wherever you want. Skip to the End. Advance to the Nether. Just pick a chapter and start reading.

Take this book and share it with a close friend. Let your parents read it. Let your children read it. Let your siblings read it. Minecraft, whether it’s played with friends or the mobs in your own single-player virtual world, really is a social experience and best played with people you know. We hope that you can share the knowledge in this book with the same people you play with in the game.

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