Learning Kotlin by building Android Applications

Learning Kotlin by building Android Applications: Explore the fundamentals of Kotlin while building real-world Android applications

Over 2 billion Android users are active daily, and this reach of data to billions across the globe provides a real opportunity to make a difference. A phone, which was just a device for voice communication until recently, is not just a phone anymore. Enabling and empowering the next billion users of Android devices will play a significant role in the future.

The purpose of technology is to enable humanity, and the availability of powerful devices provides the opportunity for innovations and can improve the lives of people through technology. Whether it is an app that is built for farmers that provides useful information about the weather or prices of crops, or an app that is built for children with special needs to express themselves, or an app that is built for economically challenged women to run a small home-based business, the opportunities ahead are plenty and very exciting.

This book aims to enable developers who would like to explore the power of Android and experience and enjoy the journey of building Android applications. The chapters have been organized to enable fresh developers to understand and start from the basics, or if you are an experienced developer, to get ahead and explore the power of Kotlin.

To make things much more interesting and easy on this app development journey, Google has added Kotlin as one of the official languages for Android application development. Kotlin is expressive, concise, and powerful. It also ensures seamless interoperability with existing Android languages such as Java and the runtime.

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