Learn Programming in Python with Cody Jackson 1st Edition

Learn Programming in Python with Cody Jackson: Grasp the basics of programming and Python syntax while building real-world applications

This new book expands and improves on that series by providing the basics of Python programming, but also walks through programming a real-world scenario: a fuel storage and transfer simulation. In addition, we will also look at how to add a graphical interface to the original, text-based program.

As an introductory book, some of the information presented here may not be completely accurate from a computer science point of view. Even though I have a degree in computer engineering, I consider myself a self-taught programmer, as the majority of my programming has not been in a professional or academic environment, so I may not know all the nuances of software creation.

In addition, being technically accurate isn’t necessary for someone new to programming. I’d rather have the reader understand the concepts discussed so as to create a foundation for future learning, than bore the reader so they lose interest. Information will be provided to the best of my knowledge, but terms and theory may be slightly inaccurate to promote reader comprehension.

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