Just Enough Programming Logic and Design 2nd Edition

Just Enough Programming Logic and Design 2nd Edition

Just Enough Programming Logic and Design, Second Edition, is a guide to developing structured program logic for the beginning programmer. This book contains only seven chapters and two appendices- just enough to make the student comfortable with programming logic before tackling the syntax of a programming language. This book is intended to provide a complete, sound, yet compact start in logic- just enough for a short logic course, just enough as an accompaniment to a programming language book. or just enough as a supplement to a computer literacy course.

This textbook assumes no programming language experience. The writing is nontechnical and emphasizes good programming practices. The examples are business examples; they do not assume a mathematical background beyond high school business math. All the examples illustrate one or two major points; they do not contain so many features that students become lost following irrelevant and extraneous details. This book does not cover advanced logical concepts such as file handling, multidimensional arrays, or overloading methods. This book provides just enough material for a solid background in logic. no matter what programming languages students eventually use to write programs.

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