JavaScript For Kids For Dummies

JavaScript For Kids For Dummies 1st Edition

We seek to “de-code” the language of JavaScript for you and give you an understanding of the concepts. With the ability to move at your own pace, JavaScript For Kids For Dummies will get you up to speed. In this book, you learn how to create fun games and programs. We even show you how to customize and build your own versions of the games that you can post to the web and share with your friends!

Whether you know a little JavaScript or you’ve never seen it before, this book shows you how to write JavaScript the right way.

  • Topics covered in this book include the following:
  • The basic structures of JavaScript programs
  • JavaScript expressions and operators
  • Structuring your programs with functions
  • Writing loops
  • Working with JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3
  • Making choices with if…else statements

Learning JavaScript isn’t only about learning how to write the language. It’s also about accessing the tools and the community that has been built around the language. JavaScript programmers have refined the tools and techniques used to write JavaScript over the language’s long and exciting history. Throughout this book, we mention important techniques and tools for testing, documenting, and writing better code!

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