How to Hack a Fashion Brand

How to Hack a Fashion Brand: Pwning a multimillion dollar brand with a few bucks

Do you ever wonder while taking a stroll down Fifth Avenue in NYC – or any other fancy street – what lies behind the bright, shiny facades of big luxury shops? What feat of technology processes hundreds of sales daily? What information system run TV screens broadcasting fashion shows 24/7?

As you are gifted with a curious mind, I am sure you are no stranger to these kinds of thoughts. Yet I would like to share with you a thought that will pique your curiosity: if banks, one of the most paranoid private corporations, struggle1 to secure their systems, how are these luxury-shoe-making shops keeping their systems secure?

In order to answer this question and to make this journey as realistic and enjoyable as possible, we will consider an imaginary luxury brand called GibsonBird. They have locations all over the world and are established in malls and on famous avenues alike. They pride themselves in being a high-tech, modern fashion brand.

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