Home Automation For Dummies

Home Automation For Dummies 1st Edition

This book introduces you to the smart home revolution, which is today’s way of automating and/or remotely controlling common, everyday tasks via your smartphone or tablet (and in some cases, your computer), your home’s Wi-Fi network, and the Internet. My aim throughout the tome is to explain why you want to automate, how you can do so, and just what you can accomplish with it. This book also shows you a multitude of the aforementioned tasks that you can accomplish using automation and/or remote control, and how to go about the process of automating those tasks. I discuss not only tasks and the technologies, but also the companies that are the major players in today’s emerging smart home market.

The For Dummies series of books has been helping folks (like me) make the most of technology and other things that enhance our lives when we are properly taught how to utilize them, and I’ve written this book using those wonderful time-tested methods. The organization of this series is stuff of legend, and I’ve made sure not to deviate from them. Feel free to jump around as you like, or follow along in exact page order — whatever suits your needs. After all, this book is for you to learn about smart home automation, and it’s designed to help folks at various levels learn as they see fit.

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