Game Development Using Python

Game Development Using Python 1st Edition

This book is about computer games. It’s about how to develop them using the Python language, but the book also includes some design instruction, ideas about handling assets, and a host of things that should be useful for a game developer.

Python is a programmer’s language, in that it provides features that programmers usually want and often recode again and again in their various programs. Lists, dictionaries, sets, arbitrary precision integers, dynamic typing – it’s an encyclopedia of the tools a programmer uses all the time, or would if it were convenient. Well now it is. PyGame, the module used to help a programmer create games, adds to that a surface on which to draw, many graphics primitives, sound, animation, and interaction. It’s a wonderful palette on which game developers can dip their brushes.

If you look up my name on the Internet you will see that I am a professor of Art. That’s true, but I feel like a bit of a fraud, and the reason is that I have no training as an artist. I studied mathematics and computer science at university. So how did I end up in art?

I was known for work in image processing and vision in the 1990s as an academic. For some reason the Game Developer’s Conference interested me. In 1998, I registered and attended, and my life was changed. The energy there was incredible. People everywhere were completely enthralled by their work. They were having fun. They were doing things and speaking about things that I had not heard about in my academic venues, and those things were fascinating. Moreover, their work had an immediate impact on people.


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