Functional Programming For Dummies 1st Edition

Functional Programming For Dummies 1st Edition

The functional programming paradigm is a framework that expresses a particular set of assumptions, relies on particular ways of thinking through problems, and uses particular methodologies to solve those problems. Some people view this paradigm as being akin to performing mental gymnastics. Other people see functional programming as the most logical and easiest method for coding any particular problem ever invented. Where you appear in this rather broad range of perspectives depends partly on your programming background, partly on the manner in which you think through problems, and partly on the problem you’re trying to solve.

Functional Programming For Dummies doesn’t try to tell you that the functional programming paradigm will solve every problem, but it does help you understand that functional programming can solve a great many problems with fewer errors, less code, and a reduction in development time. Most important, it helps you understand the difference in the thought process that using the functional programming paradigm involves. Of course, the key is knowing when functional programming is the best option, and that’s what you take away from this book. Not only do you see how to perform functional programming with both pure (Haskell) and impure (Python) languages, but you also gain insights into when functional programming is the best solution.

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