Engineering Mathematics 7th Edition

Engineering Mathematics 7th Edition

Basic Engineering Mathematics, 7th Edition provides a lead into Engineering Mathematics, 8th Edition. Each topic considered in the text is presented in a way that assumes in the reader little previous knowledge of that topic.

Theory is introduced in each chapter by an outline of essential theory, definitions, formulae, laws and procedures. However, these are kept to a minimum, for problem solving is extensively used to establish and exemplify the theory. It is intended that readers will gain real understanding through seeing problems solved and then solving similar problems themselves.

This textbook contains over 800 worked problems, followed by some 1,600 further problems (all with answers – at the end of the book). The further problems are contained within 168 Practise Exercises; each Practise Exercise follows on directly from the relevant section of work. Fully worked solutions to all 1,600 problems have been made freely available to all via the website – see page xii. 425 line diagrams enhance the understanding of the theory. Where at all possible the problems mirror potential practical situations found in engineering and science.

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