Electronics For Dummies

Electronics For Dummies 3rd Edition

All too often, electronics seems like a mystery because it involves controlling something you can’t see — electric current — which you’ve been warned repeatedly not to touch. That’s enough to scare away most people. But as you continue to experience the daily benefits of electronics, you may begin to wonder how it’s possible to make so many incredible things happen in such small spaces.

This book offers you a chance to satisfy your curiosity about electronics while having a lot of fun along the way. You get a basic understanding of exactly what electronics is, down‐to‐earth explanations (and gobs of illustrations) of how major electronic components — and the rules that govern them — work, and step‐by‐step instructions for building and testing working electronic circuits and projects. Although this book doesn’t pretend to answer all your questions about electronics, it gives you a good grounding in the essentials and prepares you to dig deeper into the world of electronic circuits.

I assume that you may want to jump around this book a bit, diving deep into a topic that holds special interest for you and possibly skimming through other topics. For this reason, I provide loads of chapter cross‐references to point you to information that can fill in any gaps or refresh your memory on a topic.

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