Drying and Storage of Cereal Grains 2nd Edition

Drying and Storage of Cereal Grains 2nd Edition

This book has been written primarily for undergraduate and graduate students in agricultural engineering and food engineering. It is the outcome of several years of teaching and research work carried out by the author.

The book covers a very wide spectrum of drying and storage studies which is probably not available in a single book. Chapters 1–8 deal with air and grain moisture equilibria, psychrometry, physical and thermal properties of cereal grains, principles of airflow and detailed analyses of grain drying, and Chapters 9–13 deal with temperature andmoisture in grain storages, fungi and insects associated with stored grain, design of grain storages and a comprehensive treatment of modern grain storage systems. Chapters 7 and 10 have been primarily devoted to the application of simulation techniques using digital computers. New sections on net heat of sorption in Chapter 2, finite element modelling of single kernel in Chapter 6, CFD modelling of fluidized bed drying in Chapter 7, exergy analysis and neural network modelling in Chapter 8 and numerical solution of two-dimensional temperature and moisture changes in stored grain have been included in this second edition of the book. A good number of problems have been solved to help understand the relevant theory. At the end of each chapter, unsolved problems have been provided for further practice. The References and Further Reading will help the reader to find detailed information on various topics of his interest.

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