Dark Pools & High Frequency Trading For Dummies

Dark Pools & High Frequency Trading For Dummies 1st Edition

If you’re an active investor or a financial advisor, you’re already more than likely aware of the growth of HFT and the use of dark pools. You’ve watched the prices on an exchange and seen some strange movements. With or without your knowledge, trades you have been involved with have most likely been conducted in a dark pool or executed against a high frequency trader, or even both.

The difficulty that you may have had is the lack of information as to what your role is and what your effect is in these circumstances. Some literature out recently has discussed dark pools and HFT, and the pages of newspapers are also full of information. The problem is that most information you read leaves you either feeling that it fails to explain what is really happening or that it’s too technical and difficult to understand. This book corrects that.

Whether you’re an experienced financial advisor or an active investor, this book gives you a clear overview of how the modern market works and what you can do to avoid yourself, or your clients, becoming victims of predatory algorithms. This is all set up in the easy to understand Dummies format.

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