Common Core Math For Parents For Dummies

Common Core Math For Parents For Dummies 1st Edition

This book is your guide to math class in the 21st century. Education policy can be highly political and contentious, so this book cuts through it all and tells you what you need to know about what and how your child is likely to be learning math in the era of Common Core.

In place of inflated claims about the perfect world that will supposedly result from adopting these standards, you can find honest information about the goals and intent of these standards. Instead of scary tales of data mining and big government, you can find reasonable, measured, and careful descriptions of what the standards actually are.

If you’re a parent or guardian, you can find suggestions for helping your children learn the math appropriate to their grade level. This information may take the form of written tips for working example problems or video explanations of important ideas. Furthermore, this book shows you how ideas you learned in school are likely to appear in your children’s math class. Despite what you may have heard, the standards don’t have any New Math in them. Children are being asked to think, and this thinking can look unfamiliar to their parents on the surface. But underneath, many of these ways of thinking are old and familiar. Many times people who identify themselves as “not a math person” will say something such as, “That’s how I always thought about it, but I didn’t know it was okay to do it that way!” This book can help you connect your child’s ways of thinking with your own.

If you’re a teacher, you can find a most welcome big picture. You can see connections between the math that you teach at your grade level (which you probably know quite well) and the math that is taught at adjacent and distant grade levels (which you probably haven’t had time to study).

This book is organized as a reference that you can spend as little or as much time with as you want. You can read the grade level that matters to you without worrying about what came before and what comes after. All in all, I wrote this book with a busy person in mind. I have organized things so you can find what you need and move on.

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