Clinical Anatomy 14th Edition

Clinical Anatomy: Applied Anatomy for Students and Junior Doctors 14th Edition

As a teacher of medical students and surgical trainees, I know that much of clinical examination and diagnosis depends on an adequate knowledge of anatomy. No matter how good the doctors are at communication skills and patient empathy, unless they know what lies beneath their examining fingers
or under the bell of their stethoscopes, they will have great difficulty in the interpretation of clinical signs. Understanding and interpreting the exquisite details of modern radiological imaging also requires a good knowledge of the structure of the human body.

This was true over 55 years ago when I wrote the first edition of this book, and is perhaps even more so today, when the content of anatomical knowledge in the medical student’s curriculum has been greatly reduced.

Over these many years, during which time I have taught students and postgraduates in five medical schools, and examined them in eight countries and sixteen universities, my belief in the importance of an adequate knowledge of anatomy as an adjunct to clinical training has been strongly reinforced.

In the preparation of the 12th edition (Golden Jubilee edition) and the subsequent two editions (including this one), I have been fortunate indeed in having been able to recruit Professor Vishy Mahadevan, the Barbers’ Company Professor of Anatomy at the Royal College of Surgeons of
England, as co‐author. He is a renowned and revered teacher of surgical trainees as well as being a current examiner in the MRCS and in overseas medical schools. Together, in this new edition, we have carried out a careful revision and updating of the text and diagrams.

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