Business Development For Dummies

Business Development For Dummies 1st Edition

After 20 years working in business development, you’d expect that I’ve learned a thing or two. One fact I discovered is that people are confused about what business development is. In this book I set out to dispel that confusion and provide a model for business development that anyone can use.

Another thing I found out is that companies go through spurts of growth, interspersed with periods of flat revenue, or even backsliding. For smaller companies, say those with less than $10 million in revenue, this variation can result in periods of severe peril. Therefore, I want to provide ideas as to how you can mitigate that danger through robust business development.

Also, when company growth stalls, what you did yesterday to get new business probably isn’t going to work for your next phase of expansion. That pattern keeps recurring and you’ll find that some things from the book are a no-brainer to do today, whereas others may be more relevant in two to three years’ time. Yes, here is the book that keeps on giving.

I include lots of good advice for executives who need to plan for growth, but aren’t sure what to prioritize or how to manage people with different capabilities to their own. In the early years, you can’t afford top leaders for every part of your organization – you have to wear a lot of hats until you have the money to start handing those areas over to others, who may often be new employees.

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