Bookkeeping All-In-One For Dummies

Bookkeeping All-In-One For Dummies 1st Edition

Within this book, you may note that some web addresses break across two lines of text. If you’re reading this book in print and want to visit one of these web pages, simply key in the web address exactly as it’s noted in the text, pretending as though the line break doesn’t exist. If you’re reading this as an e-book, you’ve got it easy – just tap the web address to be taken directly to the web page.

Some figures herein use QuickBooks Pro. Because it’s the most popular financial accounting software, some chapters show you some of its advanced features where appropriate.

The book makes some key assumptions about who you are and why you’ve picked up this book. Much of the book assumes you are:

✓ A business owner or manager who wants to know the ins and outs of how to do the books and what’s contained in financial records. You have a good understanding of business and its terminology but little or no knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting.

✓ A person who does bookkeeping or plans to do bookkeeping for a small business and needs to know more about how to set up and keep the books. You have some basic knowledge of business terminology but don’t know much about bookkeeping or accounting, or how to create and maintain financial records.

✓ A staff person in a small business who’s just been asked to take over the company’s bookkeeping duties. You need to know more about how transactions are entered into the books, how to prove out transactions to be sure you’re making entries correctly and accurately, and how to prepare financial reports using the data you collect.

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