Bedside Clinics and Viva Voce in Obstetrics & Gynecology

Bedside Clinics and Viva Voce in Obstetrics & Gynecology

The examination system all over the world keeps on changing as science and technology continues to evolve and develop. The sole objective is ‘improved patient care’. The current examination system is primarily aimed not only to evaluate the factual or theoretical knowledge, but also the conceptual understanding and the analytical power of the candidate. To qualify any examination system, besides the textbook knowledge, a candidate is expected to demonstrate the skills of clinical examination and data interpretation, the art of communication, decision-making and the management issues. With this sole determination the book “Bedside Clinics and Viva-Voce in Obstetrics and Gynecology” has been written. This book is intended for the students at their final phase, while preparing for the examination. The book needs to be read and reread to develop a solid grasp of each topic as it contains a huge wealth of the new material. Repetition is the key-aid as the different topics are integrated.

Exhaustive case discussions, commonly presented in the examination (both in obstetrics and gynecology) have been made. All the chapters provide innumerable model answers which are framed in a simple, concise and easy-to-reproduce manner. SBAs and MCQs are still the accepted modes of evaluation throughout the world. More than 600 MCQs have been discussed in the book. Current question papers of various universities have been solved. The explanatory notes with each SBA and MCQ are a guide to improve the analytical power of the student. Model answers are given for Short Questions to guide the students especially when the question needs justification (Give reasons/Justify) or Critical Evaluation.

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