AWS for Developers For Dummies

AWS for Developers For Dummies 1st Edition

The purpose of AWS For Developers For Dummies is to help you get up and running quickly. You build a test environment and install tools that let you experiment with many of the major services without a lot of effort. The focus of this book is to get you started doing something by using just a few of the
services. One of the hardest parts of working with AWS is that so many services are available (more than 100 of them) that a developer might go nuts just trying to figure out where to begin. This book relieves you of that problem.

Most of the book examples focus on three kinds of AWS interaction: through the console, through the Command Line Interface (CLI), and programmatically. In most cases, these are the three ways developers begin working with AWS. The console lets you see how AWS works from an administrative level. Using CLI helps you understand the AWS functionality at a deeper level, plus you can use it to create scripts. Finally, this book uses Python Notebooks to make experimentation very easy. You don’t have to write complete applications to see something happen; just a few lines of code will do. So, in contrast to other programming projects, in which you spent hours writing code just to see the project die because of the smallest typo, this book helps you attain something significant without much typing at all.

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