Apache Spark Quick Start Guide

Apache Spark Quick Start Guide: Quickly learn the art of writing efficient big data applications with Apache Spark

Apache Spark is a flexible in-memory framework that allows the processing of both batch and real-time data in a distributed way. Its unified engine has made it quite popular for big data use cases.

This book will help you to quickly get started with Apache Spark 2.x and help you write efficient big data applications for a variety of use cases. You will get to grip with the low-level details as well as core concepts of Apache Spark, and the way they can be used to solve big data problems. You will be introduced to RDD and DataFrame APIs, and their corresponding transformations and actions.

This book will help you learn Spark’s components for machine learning, stream processing, and graph analysis. At the end of the book, you’ll learn different optimization techniques for writing efficient Spark code.



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