Angular: Up and Running

Angular: Up and Running: Learning Angular, Step by Step 1st Edition

It’s funny that we constantly over- or underestimate the impact of certain events and projects in our lives. I seriously believed that the last project I worked on at Google, Google Feedback, would end up completely changing how the company interacted with its customers. And I believed Angular (AngularJS at the time) would just be another flash-in-the-pan, yet-another-framework that would not outlive the Feedback project’s admin interface.

And in hindsight, it was exactly the other way around. While Feedback still exists and is baked into a lot of Google products, it is Angular that has gone from a tiny project used by one internal team at Angular to now being used by thousands of developers and companies worldwide. And a lot of it stems from Misko, Igor, and the entire team around it, and their unerring dedication to improving how we develop web applications.

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