25 Tips for Productivity

25 Tips for Productivity

For many years, like many people, I though that you could solve productivity issues just by finding the right tool and those tools taught me some of these tricks. But in reality, the tools by themselves are useless. Outlook, OmniFocus, Nozbe, the calendar or the to-do list are useless unless you understand first, their function and then, the reason for which you are using them and finally, what the tool itself brings to the table. It’s not a secret that today my system lives in OmniFocus and as I write these lines, my productivity and systems are contained in an iPhone. But what allows me to be effective using the iPhone isn’t OmniFocus. Years ago when my system was housed in Outlook, since my main machine was a PC with a Microsoft System (I think I was running Vista, maybe Windows 7) I wasn’t effective because I was on a PC  or because I used Outlook. I was effective because I had discovered some of these tricks and it was the tricks, not the tools I used, that allowed me to do the things I did.

In my journey of productivity I have made many good calls and even more mistakes. Maybe that is the reason that when something works, I don’t try to change it; that is, I don’t try to change it until it stops working. I’m not tempted to try out new systems, either. Not because I don’t think they might be better options, but because the one I’m using works incredibly well. I prefer to use my energy on more productive stuff. I don’t use an iPhone because I believe that Apple products are free of problems and limitations (they have both, more than people believe). Instead, I use them because while they don’t do everything, what they do, they do incredibly well and without any effort on my part (and that last part is the key).

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